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Svoe Rodnoe

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01 Aug 2020
01 Mar 2021

What is it about

It is to listen to the singing of birds near golden haystacks at sunset with the freshest milk in your hand. It is to be surrounded by one of the most peaceful creatures, cows. But it is also a process between the consumer and the farmers. And my task was precisely to help build this process. To ensure that natural products reach customers as quickly as possible. And thanks to our platform, farmers could make production purchases faster and more conveniently. Since my arrival there was already some framework of the platform itself, the production was started with the finalization of the branding: logo, corporate identity, etc.

The main platform has two key areas: B2C (svoe rodnoe) and B2B (svoe fermerstvo). The first is focused on the sale of products by farmers to the direct consumer. The second helps farmers with the purchase of both consumables and equipment. Including thanks to our banking products. My task was to finalize the style and build

a unified visual style for both platforms. Also on the project was another lead designer (Katya - thoughtful, reasonable, attentive to details, immense respect to you) and many cool designers, copywriters, analysts, a developer (Stasya, Dasha, Sergey, Liza, Yulia, and others, love you all my dears), with which we started the process.

Analytics told us unequivocally that the mobile channel is extremely important, and the conversion only confirmed this. Therefore, we conducted parallel mobile development. We tried to inherit the main scenarios from the web version so that the flow is familiar to the user. We also proposed several hypotheses on how else to increase attractiveness and immerse the user deeper into the context. To do this, we started several directions, such as agritourism and recipes. But more on that later.

At a certain point, my work log was more given to another project (RSHB Business Banking), but I was still involved in some of the processes. In particular, we tried to scale the style of illustrations designed for legal banking. The result is very good in my opinion.

A few words about the processes, we were built into a simplified form of Agile, but at the same time we observed only typical ceremonies, but without all sorts of scrum masters, etc. Regarding technologies, at first, it seemed like some chaos (which, by the way, we tried to avoid on the project with legal banking).

Farming on Vue.js, Native using React.js, and Mobile using Flutter. Nevertheless, this did not stop us from achieving a certain uniformity and maintaining a single library (sometimes adapting it to the needs of different teams and engines). And then we started to integrate a universal cross solution for the same SVGator animations.

As I wrote earlier, we wanted to approach content more modern, and enrich it with media and various integrations. Therefore, we began to build direct communication with farmers, to visit them both for research and for filming various content. I am a happy owner of a good shooting set: Sony A7R3 + Ronin-S and relatively straight arms (it's just a hobby for me, so don't judge too harshly) and a bit of enthusiasm.

We started by helping to create better photosets of products, created some guides for all the other farmers, and, if possible, photographed their products ourselves. We also found the direction of agritourism interesting, for which we made small videos that will help you get to know the surroundings and the farmers themselves faster and more pleasantly.

Another, it seems to me, the cool initiative was culinary videos. Moreover, according to our ideas, we come to the farmer and cook with him from the farm products of this farm. We made several test cases and calculated the cost estimate (I was ready to teach one of my colleagues how to handle a camera and give them my equipment)

to make it easier to reach a normal production volume. Alas, the idea did not win the interest of the celestials of the Russian Agricultural Bank. Then we began to shoot a small format of interviews with farmers, where they briefly and most importantly interestingly told why they are unique and what can be cooked using their products.


This project will always be in my heart. And even more, I sincerely hope that sooner or later I will take part in a similar project. Since farmers are very close to me by nature, they achieve success exclusively through hard work and love for their work. Especially in Russia, where small and medium-sized businesses always walk on the edge of a knife. In the meantime, I will pour a glass of fresh milk, sit by a haystack, and watch the golden sunset.