Tema Gorohovsky
Senior UI/UX Designer
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Hi there!

We all love to dream. Breaking walls with bold thought, defeating all misfortunes with a wave of a wand, or flying like a hawk across the blue sky. And you know, the design environment is closest to this magic, even if it is on the cinema screen or in advertising on YouTube (of course, I don't take into account the people of science, they are the real magicians of today). Therefore, since school, I began to study Photoshop, 3D Max, and other software. I replaced the faces of superheroes with the faces of my friends on posters. Modeled and moved kettles. And this love has passed through the years. I graduated from the Institute of Printing. And already in my second year, I realized that I like to understand interfaces (I do not lose hope of learning the most magical software - Houdini, but so far my limit is Cinema 4D and After Effects). And already at the end of the 2nd course, I got a job as a designer, where I began to get real combat experience. I don't think there is a limit to our profession, so I keep learning and getting stronger as a designer.

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