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Product Designer
10 Mar 2019
20 May 2019

Not only the place

Baikal is, in principle, an incredible and unique place, so projects aimed at its development are sincerely a joy to me. The portal has two global tasks and two different user portraits, and as a result, different needs. Tourists are the first and the task of the portal is to unite all objects of the tourist infrastructure in one place. We also made two formats for working with information: standard lists (more like cards) and an interactive map.

The second global task is an interface for potential investors. Rather, it is reduced to an interactive map, where the user can easily obtain information about the relevant objects, their ownership, and the possibility of buying or investing (the owners of such places acted as customers). Thanks to several insights from customers, it became clear that the ability to work with filters is in demand and it is better to implement this in the most visual form right on the map.

We also worked out the possibility of integrating various tours, since this is one of the most popular tourist destinations both in Russia and in Asian countries. I think many have heard that this is one of the cleanest and deepest lakes on the planet. Therefore, we have developed the tour interface in such a way that the user understands both the route and the main events for each day of the tour.

In addition, users can find out detailed information about a wide variety of attractions, including their historical significance to the region. Processes and events have created such a unique place on our planet.


At the moment, the project has died down due to covid, and now also because of the insane war. But you know, perhaps for such places, the lack of human attention is even better. This will allow Baikal to remain the same authentic and unique place of power for many.

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