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01 May 2018
05 Jul 2018

Better than TV

It's certainly hard to ignore the fact that Youtube, Twitch, and Spotify generate a staggering amount of traffic. Such solutions are the future, they are more open, interactive, have a low entry threshold and rely on user preferences. The TV never dreamed of. My task was to create a visual style for a video streaming platform. And the starting point for us was the mobile platform.

We started with generating hypotheses, analyzing the target audience, and studying the leading competitors. We wanted to achieve some kind of original mixture: a little Youtube, a pinch of Snapchat, and wrap it all in a shell a la Twitch. But you can’t just enter the market without original features and hit the jackpot.

Therefore, I thought about how to improve the process and give useful functionality to streamers. Moreover, they can natively manage content right during the broadcast. And for viewers, interactive actions are quite relevant, at least voting. I tried to pack all this into a visually simple but functional solution.

Unfortunately, this project is still in search of investors and may not see the light of day. But for me, it will be a warm and stormy memory. Why? Most of the development was carried out by me during the 2018 World Cup. A magical time when there were no borders, problems in understanding and the world was filled with love for football. It was difficult to get tickets in principle,

but my brilliant friend (Robert, what would we do without you, respect bro) helped us get tickets for as many as 7 matches. And all of them were scattered across Russia from Sochi to Kaliningrad. Therefore, I worked in trains, hotels, and bars. Once I made changes right at the stadium during the halftime break. But I did it with pleasure. Sorry for the digression, back to the project.

Returning to features, when analyzing competitors, I practically did not see a mechanic for pre-prepared content. Therefore, we worked out cases with the addition of various media resources that streamers could include from the zone of a couple of clicks. Also more flexible mechanics for the behavior and position of the content. The ability 

to invite other people to the broadcast (so that the audience can also see them), restreaming, and other cases. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to participate in branding, I had several questions for him (the main one is why the sign looks so much like a Coub). Nevertheless, it seems to me that I coped with the task set before me.

Also, with an eye to the future, we have provided a solution for the desktop. We tried to transfer all the necessary functionality and make the management native and seamless. Nevertheless, our main solution was a mobile application.

Since I liked the very idea of ​​the project, and in general I believed in the competitiveness of our product, I provided any possible assistance. I made presentations, and small videos for potential investors, and in general I tried to be as useful as possible.


The earth is spinning, life is changing, and other projects and tasks awaited me. But there was one symbolic moment. The 2018 World Cup was coming to an end, we were waiting for the quarterfinal matches and I received the final part of the fee. Oh, how we enjoyed ourselves that day. Generosity is a pleasant quality, especially in a moment of well-being. I closed the account of the whole bar that evening, and then we went to the club with the guys either from Bolivia, or from Colombia, but the dance floor was on fire from our dances. The morning was hard and not so joyful, I lost my wallet, phone, and a number of documents. After all, today I remember that fatal day of revelry and losses only with a smile. And a little later, the news came that the search for investors is becoming more difficult. And even though a lot of time and events have already passed, I still want to believe that this project will see the light of day and I wish him good luck.

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