Tema Gorohovsky
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Product Designer
01 Jul 2013
01 Dec 2013

The First Success

Probably the first of my works, for which I am still not ashamed. Therefore, it is relevant for the portfolio today. At that time I was working as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. But this is the first task that I can already classify as a full-fledged grocery one. We won the tender for an advertising campaign and the accompanying development of a product site.

It was the first time I wanted to lead the entire project from start to finish and I didn't regret it at all. This is probably how steel is tempered. Of course, these are all jokes. But this greatly added to my self-confidence and then I was no longer afraid to take on the role of leader. Since I was one of the bidders defending the tender, I was lucky to get a rapport with the Stada representatives. This gave impetus to the fact that the product turned out the way we planned it. And build communication and coordination directly.

In the process, I wanted to get away from the template website, where information about the product is simply dumped on the consumer. Around that time, I began to follow awwwards with all my eyes and draw inspiration from the works presented there. Therefore, I proposed a solution where the product is described progressively, closer to the storytelling format. It also allowed me to make the graphic component more alive and try my skills in animation.

Also, an advertising campaign was conducted in parallel, in which we tried to convey the main idea about the two components of the product (water and xylometosalin). This idea ran throughout the entire advertising campaign, from TV advertising, POSM materials, and the solution on the web.


A project that has become a turning point for me to some extent. From a simple performer, I became a thinking designer. A very important and high-quality transition in the process of growing up for any designer. I certainly would like the transition to happen sooner. But he allowed me to look at myself from the other side and grow.