Tema Gorohovsky
Senior UI/UX Designer
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Art Director
12 Apr 2015
01 Jun 2015

Tea Ceremonies

In advertising practice, I had to do a lot but to fully conduct an advertising campaign for the first time. We needed to make key visuals, packaging, and a promo site and keep the campaign active in the media. By the way, then I worked at the Affect agency and still consider my departure from there an incredible mistake. Therefore, if the guys from the company see this, I beg your pardon and understand that I left this enchanting gang a year later (I was seduced by money... a fool, but I concluded). We started with the key visual, as it set the spirit of the entire campaign.

Our printing adventures did not end there (it is worth noting that I graduated from the Institute of Printing, so the task was not something exceptional). The next test was the packaging, which we, in principle, also easily figured out. In general, the campaign is dedicated to travel and each taste had its peculiarity. The blend was assembled by Lipton experts and we must pay tribute to them they were able to make each taste unique. And we, in turn, tried to beat the image with ethnic and architectural touches.

We tried to convey this through a completely transparent move, having beaten the smoke of each of the tastes. This is in the spirit of the brand and allows us to expand graphically.

The final part of the task for us was a promo site in support of a new line of teas. Therefore, we played with the travel metaphor in the already established style and scaled the solution to adaptive as well.


The project is quite typical, but you can’t even imagine with what warmth I remember the team. And this project is here for one reason only. I received a very favorable offer and I thought for a long time and doubted, but I nevertheless accepted it. I left the company that received me with such warmth and sincerity. Exchanged them for money. And to part easier in the last days at work, I didn’t behave very nicely, answered in monosyllables, didn’t support conversations, and was silent during brainstorms (oh, these are the most powerful storms in my life, maybe it will never get better) and I’m mildly ashamed of my behavior. Even if I didn’t dare to tell you my dears, if you are reading this, sorry me. I was so wrong...